Sunday, November 16, 2014

Troll Acct or Real MDA Supporter? It's Hard To Tell. UPDATE

So take a look at this pic:

There's some high grade stupid right there, almost too much to be believed especially along w/ some of the other idiotic posts this individual has made recently.  Has to be a troll account, right?

I'm not 100% sure after scrolling down to the very beginning of this person's (recent) twitter account.  It starts out w/ fairly typical w/ a flurry of MDA copy-paste tweets like this over a short time:

So which is it?  Is it a really well done troll account or is she really this stupid? 

Update:  Well played Troll, well played

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Anonymous said...

Does she live in Oak Park?

Dan said...

Female?.....high order probability that she really is that stupid. Most women are mystified by things mechanical, have no concept of how they work and merely parrot what they see or hear elsewhere about things.

Sigivald said...

That 30 round high capacity magazine lets it lay down a spray of deadly fire for two full minutes!