Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Now Won't Interrupt Your Regular Programming For This Important News

Major Presidential Announcement?  Won't do it because it's sweeps week (or something).
The administration said today that Obama will be speaking live from the White House at 8 PM ET on Thursday. But ABC has the fall finale for Grey’s Anatomy on at that time, while CBS has ratings powerhouse The Big Bang Theory, NBC has reality show The Biggest Loser and Fox has Bones. As of right now, none plans changes to their regularly scheduled Thursday night November sweep schedules for the approximately 15-minute speech.
It's more important to keep the sheeple entertained than educated.

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Ian Argent said...

Enh. The sooner they stop pretending they're in the news business, the better. I hate network news.

Robert Fowler said...

I'd rather watch Big Bang. I already know what bozo is going to say.

I think the firast action when the new Congress convenes in Jan. is to start impeachment proceedings. With only 2 years of this administration left, how much damage can "shotgun" Joe really do?

Ian Argent said...

For unfortunate reasons, I don't think impeachment of the president is a good idea. But Congress can impeach lesser officials...

Anonymous said...

FYI - Fox did show the speech.

Obama destroyed so many straw men in his speech, it will take them days to bale it all up.