Saturday, October 18, 2014

Reasoned Discourse (language, graphic image alert)

A troll who has a problem w/ kids using firearms while heavily monitored and supervised drops some foul language on the ISRA FB page, causing his posts to be removed.  Instead of rewriting them sans 'F*bomb', he responded w/ this eloquent missive:

 Isn't that just special?  No wonder he's anti-gun if he's this unstable but that's nothing. Take a look at some of his 'cover photos':

Yeah. That;s 'LOL". Just think of the mental disconnect it must take to attack firearm owners for 'Arming Toddlers" while posting pictures like this as your public face.  And they wonder why we want to be armed. Maybe he'll get hired to be a spokesman for the "Protect All Women" campaign.

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