Thursday, October 16, 2014

Malevolence or Incompetence?

So the MSM is showing video footage of an Ebola patient being loaded onto a plane.  Here's a screenshot:

See anything wrong w/ this picture? 

Now this isn't from some 'Tea Party', Right Wing, Anti-Obama, racist news source (sarcasm intended), this is from NBC.

From some of the stories I'm hearing about the decom units, the outright incompetence is amazing. Things like them taking off their gloves and then removing their suits w/ their bare hands. 

So what is the story behind this?  Are there no rules for plainclothes people coming into contact w/ contaminated suits?  Or is this guy just a freaking moron and broke a bunch of procedures?

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Dapandico said...

An on scene reporter

Anonymous said...

The CDC said he did not have contact with the Ebola victim so therefore he is safe.
Time will tell if this CDC flunky gets Ebola or not.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not,

He is the Expert from the CDC.

The Jack said...

Apparently he's the "on site" expert.

Who is supposed to be in plain-clothes to allow for heightened visibility and check if someone else is violating procedure.

On its face this makes sense. Those suits have horrible visibility. And having an extra set of eyes to check makes sense.

However the guy doesn't maintain a safe distance.

Towards the end after they've loaded the plane and bagged the waste the guy gets within a couple feet of one of the suited people.

Which defeats the whole point.

Since distance is literally the only protection the observer has.