Monday, October 13, 2014

9mm PMC Ammo Test via AmmoEasy

I was asked by an online distibutor 'AmmoEasy' to do an ammo review for their site and they graciously sent me a box of 9mm PMC 115gr FMJ for testing.  Customer service and shipping were fast and efficient. Prices look good.

I am about as close to an average shooter as one can get w/ a handgun so this review is for the mediocre shots among us. Baretta 92S. RH shooter w/ left eye dominant. Weather was a nice, cool 55F, overcast w/ no breeze.  Range approx 10yrds.

First shots were started 'cold' at center mass:

After I was warmed up a bit, I moved to cranium:

Followed up by some alternative targets.  My nemesis, hedge apples:

and an old, steel pressure tank:

I had zero jams or misfires. Accuracy was on par w/ my abilities and penetration was good.  Angled shots and those farther than 10 yrds didn't penetrate the tank but dented it heavily. Straight on went in.  The hedge apples exploded nicely. As with most PMC ammo, this is a good, inexpensive, general purpose round. I wouldn't use it for high accuracy competitions but for plinking, practice, and home defense, it does its job. 

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K. Rihanek said...

PMC was my go to ammo when I started IDPA. Never had any problem. Then again I was feeding a Glock 17 with it.

Firehand said...

I've used some of their 7.62x39,reliable and very accurate. Good stuff