Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quality Parenting

Where do some teen gang members get their guns?  Why from their moms, who drive them to the shooting:
A Utah woman is accused of driving her teenage son by a convenience store to shoot at rival gang members he had been fighting with at school.
Prosecutors say Lisa Egersdorf picked up her 17-year-old son from his Salt Lake City school and was behind the wheel when he fired several shots at the group.
Charging documents show she asked, "Did you get them?" after he fired at their car. No one was hurt in the Sept. 22 drive-by shooting.
Just one more law... Right?

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Matthew said...

On a whim I went looking. Mom was 35, son is 17. She acknowledged both are gang members, she even has a tattoo by her eye.

This is yet another "sub-culture of violence" problem, gang related violence which even the CDC says is responsible for 80% or so of firearms homicides, not an "American gun culture" problem.

Rob Crawford said...

Up in Chicago an uncle carried a gun on a city bus to get it across town so his teen-aged niece could shoot a rival. The gun jammed, and another relative cleared the jam and handed it back to the girl!

But the problem is with the NRA... and not the NWA...

dustydog said...

Neither will get enough jail time to change the incentives.

Chas said...

Nope, still can't use the N-word. No matter how bad it be gits! Maybe later, or eventually, if'n the n-folks don't kill you in the mean time! Careful, all you white folks!