Friday, October 10, 2014

A 9mm Samm'ich? UPDATE

The STL shooting?  The one where another 'good boy', 'unarmed', 'honor student' was gunned down by a white police officer in a fit of racist rage?

Yeah, you know the drill.  Shot at the cops.  Supposed to be on house arrest for a rap sheet a mile long (for weapons offenses) completely enabled by the family:
the aunt of the perforated suspect cried out, “They shot my Drew 16 times!  All he had was a sandwich!”
Might it have looked like this?

The family must be on a heavy iron & copper diet.  Totally legit, right?  Noone could possibly get the two confused. But hey, any excuse to trash your own neighborhood and steal stuff.

Update: Here's my conspiracy hypothesis.  I'm wondering if the statement was staged to create a symbol.  After the Travon shooting, they had Skittles and  tea.  After the Ferguson shooting, they had their 'hands up'.  Now I'll lay odds that the " thousands of activists and protesters from around the country" are going to be running around w/ sandwiches held high.  Jesse and Sharpton will be there. 

And not a single one will say anything about the dozens of African Americans that will be shot this weekend in Chicago by other AA's.

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Rob Crawford said...

"This riot brought to you by Subway!"

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "This! This! This! Is outrageous! I eat 9mm Ruger sandwiches all the time! I mean, you know, whatever they are. They're sandwiches! You can't just up and shoot someone for having a 9mm sandwich! It's a violations of his basic human sandwich rights!"