Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not The Right Kind of 'Mom'

While Ladd Everitt and his merry band of misfits post a video responding to 'mean tweets' they've received, these are the kinds of messages their supporters send to a woman and mother who doesn't support their life choice of defenselessness.
“You want to kill everything!” “You are a child killer!” “You need to carry because you aren’t smart enough to handle conflict!” “You’re so uneducated and stupid, guns are NOT the answer!” “You çµΩt – I hope your trailer park husband beats you in front of your 12 children, what did you do, get knocked up in high school and the Bible never told you to shut your whoring legs?!”
I joke, but all of these accusations and assumptions have been hurled at me. People have said they hope I ‘accidently’ shoot my children. That I should be shot. That my parents should have aborted me. After speaking out against the beheading in Oklahoma, I was targeted by a muslim who wrote ‘I hope your neck does not tire of my knife.’
Remember though, these kinds of threats and insults are 'different' because pro-rights advocates want to arm all children and are directly responsible for massacres.

And they wonder why we carry.  

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