Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why 'May Issue' Is Inherently Discriminatory

Because those that push for it discriminate.
Yesterday, after a three-year-long investigation, the federal government appointed a monitor to oversee the police department in city of Newark, New Jersey, after the U.S. Justice Department uncovered a “pattern and practice of unconstitutional policing” in recent years—including during the years that Chicago’s police superintendent Garry McCarthy served as that city’s top cop, from September, 2006 to May, 2011....
Among the Justice Department’s findings:
  • “Approximately 75% of reports of pedestrian stops by NPD officers failed to articulate sufficient legal basis for the stop, despite the NPD policy requiring such justification.”
  • “The NPD stops black individuals at a greater rate than it stops white individuals.”
  • “In more than twenty percent of the NPD force incidents reviewed, the force as reported appeared unreasonable and thus in violation of the Constitution.”
  • “The Internal Affairs Unit (“IA”) sustained only one civilian complaint of excessive force out of hundreds received from 2007 through 2012.”
And 'Streetlight' McCarthy has brought that same level of competence to the CPD which, along w/ Cook County and the state is facing hundreds of lawsuits for blocking CCW permits.

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1 comment:

Jay Dee said...

Let's call "may issue" laws for what they are. They are Jim Crow laws.