Thursday, July 24, 2014

Movie Review: Transcendence

 Transcendence (2014) Poster

Spoiler Alert

Activists w/ philosophical issues against advanced AI research decide to take matter into their own hands and start killing the researchers. One (Johnny Depp) barely survives but is failing. His wife manages to connect various areas of research and downloads Depp into a computer. When the terrorists attack to try and delete him, she uploads him to the net where he expands his capabilities exponentially, eventually setting up base in a small town where the locals become 'Transcended', healed of all ailments due to nano-tech and connected to Depp's mainframe. His wife begins having second thoughts and agrees to sacrifice herself in order to upload a virus which will result in the crash of every computer system on Earth. 

Acting and special effects were pretty good.  Story was engaging.  I found it ironic that the terrorists, in trying to save humanity, caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people (not mentioned in movie) w/ the collapse of all communications, power, transportation, etc..  Had they not committed their attacks/murders, the two areas of research would not likely have been connected for many years and then in a sealed, self-contained environment, not uploaded to the net. Also, even w/ their attacks, they were sloppy and inefficient, which is why the wife was driven to save her dying husband. A guy managed to smuggle in a handgun w/ bullets coated w/ radio-actives and then only put one round in him?  Why not go w/ an explosive vest and take out a bunch more of the associated scientists as well?  Of course that wouldn't have made for a good movie though.

I enjoyed it. Definitely worth a watch but probably won't add it to the collection. 3.5/5 stars.

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