Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Election Season In Illinois, Shiny Distractions Aplenty

In order to pull attention away from the collapsing Illinois economy, the loss of thousands of workers from emigration and leaving the workforce (although that's marked down as a decreased unemployment rate), school systems in crisis, their constantly raising fees and taxes (see a pattern yet?), the dingbats in Cook County, supported by Gov. Quinn of course, have put forward a 'non-binding' referendum to ban 'Assault Weapons' on the upcoming ballot.

I'm sure my dead grandmother will vote early and often for this.

Just to show you how stupid the legislators in Cook County/Chicago are, this is part of the referendum "require universal background checks for firearm transfers".

Um, they've already done that.  They passed a UBC law for IL along w/ CCW last year. 

Of course the measure was supported 'unanimously' by the Chicago-crats on the board and the 'Republicans' INO's voted Obama, I mean 'Present'. 

There is a poll. 

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