Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Default Chicago Weekend

Started out light:

Six wounded in shootings Friday afternoon into Saturday morning 

Then the party started:

4 shot in River North among 3 killed, 16 wounded across city

Many of those 'gang related' and we're not even done w/ the weekend yet. Now idiots like Quinn, Rahmbo, McCarthy, and Carol Marin like to blame 'lax gun laws', 'loopholes', 'assault weapons' or whatever the meme of the week is.  Let's take a look, however, at the chain of accomplices in a recent shooting of a 14yr old girl (list via 2nd City Cop):
  1. the 14 year old shooter
  2. the 34 year old purchaser of the gun (who transferred it illegally (and filed a false report of it being stolen ed. ))
  3. the 43 year old middleman (who had no FOID and a probation warrant)
  4. the 25 year old uncle (crippled by gunfire, riding a bus with a gun he knew was going to be used in a fight)
  5. a 32 year old auntie (who knew what was up and did nothing but tag along for the show) 
  6. and the 17 year old who tried to hide the gun following the murder.
The only reason this is atypical is that they've been caught.  Countless laws already broken.  What good will one more do?

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Old NFO said...

And the next question is, will they actually make it to trial, or plea bargain it away???

Unknown said...

So are all these people going to jail as accessories?

If only we had universal background checks, that would have prevented all this! :rolleyes:
oh wait we do! the one thing I like about the FOID system, it clearly illustrates how background checks DO NOTHING!!