Monday, March 24, 2014

Otis McDonald in poor health‏

Via IL-Gunlobby:

Mr. Otis McDonald, a man who stood tall for full citizenship rights of all Americans. He stood victoriously at the Supreme Court for the right of every American to protect and defend their family. He stood for us to be safe in our homes. A courageous man who made us proud.

Mr. McDonald is currently in a fight for his life as he battles metastatic cancer. Today, he needs us to unite and stand for him. We are requesting your prayers for Mr. McDonald and his family during this time of his serious illness.

In respect for the family’s privacy, they have asked that all communication and correspondence be sent to:

Dr. Frederick Jones
Nephew of Otis McDonald
Phone: 318-617-7190

Thanks to all of your for your love and support!
The McDonald Family //Frederick

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Anonymous said...

FYI, Mr. Jones is not a medical doctor; he is an attorney in Alexandria, LA.

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