Sunday, March 23, 2014

OGRE: The Latest Victim

My friend came over to pickup a few minis to be painted, drop one off and then play a few rounds of basic OGRE since he has the game (thanks to me) and has yet to really get a chance to play.

Game 1:

He wanted to play offense first and picked my AfrikaCorps painted Mk III.  I used my Nihon forces w/ 3 Hvy Tanks, 3 GEV's, 2 Msl Tanks, and 2 Howitzers.  CP placed farright side. After my placement, he decided to try an avoidance strategy by running up the left then cutting over:

Game started out fairly standard.  He used his missiles to take out a GEV and a Hvy tank, guns taking out a Msl tank. I managed to take out his main battery. He started cutting over and then it got interesting.  I lost another Msl tank, Hvy and GEV but some good roles (rare w/ these dice) cost him 3 of his 4 secondary batteries.

It was then attrition on his treads.  One Howitzer fell and the infantry got weedled away slowly but the last Hvy and GEV stayed in the action.  Several rounds of truly horrible roll results let him get to w/in two spaces of the CP before I stopped him. A bit close for comfort.

Game 2:

Roles reversed.  Me on offense, him defense.  He chose the same units I did and CP placement but spread his forces out farther along the map:
That placement left a corridor along the right side almost entirely out of range of one of the howitzers. Instead of moving all his forces immediately right, he shifted many of them straight down allowing me to outrun much of his infantry so I was able to avoid about 20% of his strength for the entirety of the game. Outside of one little jog to go around the crater and take out the howitzer in range, I made it to his CP w/ 3 secondaries and down only 10 treads. 

Placement and movement are critical.  Although crappy die rolls can hurt even more.  I need to test these dice for balance.

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