Monday, September 30, 2013

The Paper of Making Up the Record

In another episode of 'Fun w/ Statistics', the Old Grey Hag, the NYT plays fast and loose w/ the truth to push their 'save the children' meme.  In this case they 'indepth examined' 'child shooting deaths' across an number of states, determining that medical examiners are bought and paid for by the NRA to lower accidental shootings for their own nefarious ends. 

Here's an example:
In four of the five states — California, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio — The Times identified roughly twice as many accidental killings as were tallied in the corresponding federal data. In the fifth, Minnesota, there were 50 percent more accidental gun deaths.
That (GASP!!!!!) 50% INCREASE!!!!  Oh NOES!!!!!  SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!

Look at the chart beside it.


Yep.  4 over a period of 13 years for a TOTAL of 12. 

While every child death is a tragedy, even if the NYT numbers are correct, that means that the numbers have STILL dropped over the years as the mis-identification would have been going on well before '99.

And the anti's still oppose education in lieu of attempts to make firearms more complicated, dangerous and expensive.  

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.45ACP+P said...

If it saves just one life......Why the F### is there not mandatory firearms saftey taught in school?

Crotalus said...

Whyinhell would she lead with the gun control utopia of the People's Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia to make her point?