Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh Look, Another 'Agenda Driven' Anti-Gun 'Study'.

Found this via an anti-gun group which links to the Soros puppet media 'Think Progress'. 
The study, by Professor Michael Siegel at Boston University and two coauthors, has been peer-reviewed and is forthcoming in the American Journal of Public Health. Siegel and his colleagues compiled data on firearm homicides from all 50 states from 1981-2010, the longest stretch of time ever studied in this fashion, and set about seeing whether they could find any relationship between changes in gun ownership and murder using guns over time.
Note the adjectives,  'two coauthors'... and 'colleagues'.... Interesting terminology, don't you think?  Let's take a look at these two individuals, shall we?
Co-authors on the study include Craig Ross of Virtual Media Resources and Charles King III of Pleiades Consulting Group.
Holy Propaganda Specialists Batman!!!!

VMR's main page says:
You apply resources that will shape opinion, influence policy, and create change.
Virtual Media Resources provides information solutions, conducts analyses, and generates the intelligence you need to frame and advance your agenda.
As partners, we tackle the issues head on. We deliver unimpeachable media research to organizations seeking to shape public policy, and to media companies and brand marketers that are blazing new trails.
So two professional media manipulators showed a researcher how to churn out a paper to push an anti-gun agenda. Now I wonder why TP left those details out?

The Boston University School of Public Health is also a regular Joyce Foundation grant recipient.  Shocking, eh?

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Chad said...

I'm stunned

Weer'd Beard said...

Bonus points for "Gun Homicides" AKA "Gun Death", because being stabbed doesn't count.

Also be interesting to see their methods. Generally these studies rely heavily on criminals "owning" guns.

Because a crack dealer, or a gang enforcer with so much time on the inside that he has a favorite cell packing stolen guns are all reasons why we need MORE gun laws.

Illhunter said...

Let john Lott look it over, peer reviewed my ass!

Braden Lynch said...

One BIG problem with the study is that firearms ownership is poorly tracked. Firearms owners routinely lie when queried about ownership so the next best criteria is the manufacture and sales of firearms and NICS checks (and I would also consider the reports of FFLs). By all accounts, firearms are being made and sold at a huge rate.

What we do know is that there are lots more guns and gun owners out there now then back in the 1980s and a decrease in violent crime.

How do these facts jive with their results? They can't so I bet their study is crap.

cat herder said...

Hmmm. Is that the cause or is it an effect? In my state, ownership has been on the rise because gun homicides are creeping up. Ownership here is the reaction, not the reason.

Anonymous said...

And how do they account for Chicago with its horrendous homicide rate and citywide prohibition on handgun ownership... Siegel must grateful for tenure...