Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bad Examples

I love beating the deceased equine that is the NGAC, a group made up of B and C listers in the anti-gun world.  Every time they put out some sort of 'definitive proof' for gun control and insult laden anti-NRA/Gun Owner screed, it just makes one more entry into the 'No Clue' evidence file. Take a look at their latest butt-hurt over the CO recalls:
 Sure Columbine weapons were bought with no background check. Sure Aurora suspect James Holmes’ had a 100-round drum magazine.
Let's break those down a bit, shall we?

Of the two people that gave/sold guns to the Columbine shooters, one went to prison for knowingly selling to underage kids and owning a sawed-off shotgun.  Don't think he really cared about following the law there.  The other, a friend of the pair who knowingly straw-purchased guns from a show, conveniently escaped charges while testifying in front of Congress for background checks.  I'm sure there's no connection there.

Aurora?  The '100-round drum magazine' jammed up forcing him to switch, most of the damage was done w/ the shotgun.

Then there's this example:
Gun lovers are also not gloating about a law passed this week in Chicago that requires any business that serves alcohol to post signs banning guns on the premises.
Nope, we're not 'gloating', we're laughing because it's in direct violation of state law and the Aquilar decision.  Chicago is going to get its @ss handed to them in ANOTHER lawsuit.  So no 'gloating' on that....yet. 

Keep throwing out those examples of 'gun control' though guys, it's as good as sending a check to the NRA.

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