Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meaningless Awards To Meaningless People For Meaningless Reasons

So the ICHV, w/ zero membership, only surviving by grants from the Joyce Foundation, gets an award for 'Community Empowerment' for presumably getting a law passed that has no consequences for not following it.

And who gave them the 'award'?  Why Cook Cnty States Attorney Anita Alvarez who has stated she believes 'No-one should own a gun'.

Now compare that to the Illinois State Rifle Assoc. (30K+ members) which is about to receive the NRA (4M+ members) Association of the Year Award for the umpteenth time for getting a (admittedly not perfect) CCW law finally passed in IL, winning countless lawsuits against Chicago, etc. etc.

Which award plaque do you think will end up in a garage sale for $1?

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Don said...

Don't be mean. They tried, like, REALLY hard. Everybody who tries their best gets a trophy. That's the rules.

NotClauswitz said...

You can't get much more self-congratulatory than that!