Sunday, September 22, 2013

AK/SKS Zeroing

Took out the SKS's and AK w/ a friend and the sight adjustment tool.

SKS's first.

They need a hair more tweeking but good enough for one day. The final rounds were the three just high and right to zero:

And not a single 'popped primer' in any of the mix of older and new Wolf ammo casings. 

Then out came the AK:

It didn't take much at all. Just a tap to the left.

And what FMJ does to 1/8" plate:

Didn't get the fine tuning in or the laser sight since we were short on time but hopefully that will be remedied weekend after next.

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1 comment:

Johnny Gee said...

Who ever said the AK was inaccurate?
Mine prints about like yours at 50 yards. My SKS prints like that at 100 yards. Nice shooting.