Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Gang Violence', not 'Gun Violence'

Just a normal weekend in Chicago when some good boys just playing around found their daddy's legally purchased and licensed handgun which accidentally went off, hitting a little girl. 

Or not.
Laquan Waters, 18, Tyrese Pearson, 17, and Roosevelt Stevens, 15, have been charged with attempted murder in the shooting...

 two gunmen stepped out of an alley and opened fire about 4:55 p.m. Monday, according to family and police. Khalise was struck in the abdomen and a 31-year-old man was also hit.

Detectives were able to track down the suspects despite lack of cooperation from Khalise's family in identifying the shooters, an official said today.
While anti-gun fanatics dance in the rare instances of the top scenario, the reality is that children (real children, not the 18-24 yr old type) are more often victims of gang members and other criminals (4 just this month in Chicago alone) than by accidents or those w/ no prior criminal record. There will be no national outcry, marches, or speeches by Obama over them. 

We all know why.

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