Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Charlatan' Gun Group Lawyers Up, Goes 'POOF'

Another one of those 'NRA Alternatives' that tend to pop up around election times gets a spotlight shown on it.

The response? Lawyer up and threaten to sue.
The SRAA has recently received a large increase in new visitors. While you are free to disagree with our message and site, you are not free to make slanderous and defamatory comments about us or our members. We have sought legal council and are aggressively and actively pursuing such individuals and groups that make such statements and will hold them liable for damages. If you have seen somebody making slanderous and defamatory comments about our group, either in person or on social media websites, please report them to legal@sraahq.com.
Just FYI guys, it's 'libel', not 'slander' when written. Had you actually 'sought legal council' (that would be counsel btw), you would know that.

Update:  And they're gone.  Sorry 'regular guys', if you were just trying to sell some cheap ammo, you don't advertise yourselves as an 'alternative to the NRA' or any other advocacy group. You advertise as an 'alternative to high priced ammo dealers'. You also DON'T use Paypal nor an unsecured HTTP source for credit card orders. 

Bye bye now.

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mina smith said...

reminds me of kids on the playground. the big talking kids with the most to say and the biggest bravado were always the first ones to wimp out when it was put up or shut up time.

Hat Trick said...

Proper use and spelling is "counsel" as in counseling. Shows that they need some.

NotClauswitz said...

PayPal won't process any gun-related transactions and I believe that includes ammo.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

Welcome to the Internet, we can and will vet your ass within fifteen minutes of going live. Y'see, it turns out if you give a nigh infinite number of monkeys keyboards they won't churn out 'Hamlet,' but they will do a damn fine impersonation of E.R. Murrow.

AuricTech said...

Looking at that screen-cap, I can't help but wonder why a group called the SRAA would have links for "Join the ARAA and "About the ARAA.

Sigivald said...

It's also not libel when it's either

A) mere abuse


B) would be interpreted by a reasonable man as opinion rather than a strict factual claim.

It's really hard to get a libel conviction in the United States, fortunately.