Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Future Leaders: God Help Us

Students at DePaul University think the US Constitution is out of date and guns are scary.

Chris Wernecke, president of the DePaul College Democrats, said that “the NRA … and its far-from-reality leadership refuses to see reason” when it comes to this heavily debated issue. further said that there are no virtues to the proposal and he supports the CTA in its opposition. He added that an increase in weapons would only lead to an increase in death and violence, especially in this modern era.
Because that's what he's been told to believe even though it has no bearing in fact or reality. 
A DePaul student, who requested anonymity, echoed Wernecke’s feelings on the matter and stated that the NRA’s proposal, though intended to promote safety, “would be abused.”
Because someone willing to illegally carry or use a firearm will be deterred by another law telling them not to.
Nicholas Stanley, a DePaul commuter student, said that the NRA “has no right to push for less regulation and more pro-gun laws” because the Second Amendment was written during a time in America when there was no large, organized military. Stanley believes that the NRA’s proposal is particularly inappropriate in light of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as well as the “continuing violence in the Chicagoland area.”
So the obvious solution is to make guns illegaller in Chicago and 'Gun Free Zones'.  We need to throw out that pesky Bill of Rights.  Freedom of Speech is only for approved political stances. 

These kids are dumb as rocks and the 'education' they've received has failed them.

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1 comment:

Braden Lynch said...

People, the proper response is for the 2A defenders to NOT provide any protection to Democrats if the SHTF.

They vote for the anti-freedom, gun confiscation candidates that would use the Constitution for TP. They do not deserve protection. They have made their choice.