Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Mentality of Gun Control Advocates

Via TBFKASIH comes this video:

Assuming you can make it through, just listen to the sneering condescending attitudes of these holier-than-thou's in their quest to misinform and demonize firearm owners and the NRA.  They are incapable of understanding that there is anything other than the NRA when it comes to guns.  I guess it makes it easier to stereotype and defend their bigotry that way.

Make sure to give it a big-'ol thumbs down vote since they can't handle comments. 

UPDATE:  Aaaaaand..... Ratings have been disabled.  The 'Truth' hurts. 

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Farm.Dad said...

Ratings have been disabled for this video.

Anonymous said...

Could only make it to 1:21, thats kinda sad on my part.

Jay in WV