Saturday, February 16, 2013

Retroactive Reasoned Discourse

Some time ago I got into a lengthy discourse w/ an intellectual giant and self-proffessed 'progressive' named Kenneth Quinnell. Well I got an email from a reader who had read my original post but wasn't quite sure what I was talking about so I went a-lookin'.

Turns out Kenny sometime over the last year or so went back and DELETED all my comments offering him the asswhooping he so deserved.  You can still see some elements of my replies in his comments but w/o all the corroborating evidence and links I presented and he ignored.

You have to love how confident they are in their chosen belief system but what can you say to someone who makes a comment like this:
The number of people that is attacked in life-threatening situations is so low, I don’t speculate about it, because it doesn’t happen.
 This is not someone who resides in reality.

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Motor-T said...

People don't need guns because they are never attacked in life threatening ways.
So, we need to ban guns to keep people from being attacked in life threatening ways.

Chuck Kuecker said...

Shouldn't that read, "the number of people that ARE attacked"?

Intellectual giant, indeed.