Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Still Wasn't Polled

A 'poll' by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute making the rounds in Illinois media is proclaiming that most Illinoisians want more gun control both Chicagoans and 'Downstate'.  They interviewed a whopping 600 people.  The do not say how many were from 'Downstate' just 'across the state'.  Their questions are unsurprisingly loaded and show an ignorance of terminology and function. 

3. Do you favor or oppose banning high-capacity ammunition clips that can contain more than 10 bullets?
4. Do you favor or oppose a law which would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles?

So likely 3/4 of the respondents were from Chicago and don't own guns anyway, a question they conveniently left out.

Oh, and another bit.  The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is a Joyce Foundation grant recipient and several of their board members work together.

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Chas said...

"Do you favor putting public officials on trial for treason when they deliberately violate the constitutional rights of Americans?"

Why aren't they asking that question?

Rob Crawford said...

Never liked his music, anyway.

(Yes, yes, I know. Different guy.)

Sigivald said...

If the sampling was even, 600 people is more than enough for statistical relevance for Illinois.

The real problem is the question phrasing (and reliance on ignorance of the technical terms).

Thirdpower said...

That's the catch, there's no way it could be even w/ the ridiculous numbers they posted. What did they consider 'downstate' and what was the dividing line?

Anonymous said...

600 out of 12.8 million isnt worth anything. You can find .005% of the population who think anything.
Pedophilia should be legal, or we should all follow Islam. Totally pointless even before you get to the questionable questions.