Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dirty Campaign Money

So it appears the 'in' thing to do among people w/ more money than sense is to spend it trying to buy/influence elections in other parts of the country. 

Cases in note:

Bloomie from NY has dumped nearly $2m into the race for the IL 2nd Dist. Dem. Primary (formerly held by soon to be convicted felon Jesse Jackson Jr) to defeat Debbie Halvorson and maintain the district's anti-gun vote. 
Now this isn't a new thing for him, he's been throwing his money around trying to buy elections (including his own) for a while now.  He's just getting more blatant at it and spending more.

Obama is trying to get into the action as well.  His former campaign group has 're-organized', moving to Chicago, and will be spending its money on anti-gun ads 'targeting politicians'.  Full out endorsements won't be far behind.

I think it's funny that anti-gunners that are funded by a few billionaires like Bloomie or the Joyce Foundations are the ones that scream loudest about the NRA spending money and getting it from firearm owners and businesses. They are so blind they can't recognize the hypocrisy.

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Anonymous said...

To see hypocrisy, one has to have a sense of shame. They don't have one.

Pyrotek85 said...

NRA isn't even considered a big lobby, they're actually tiny compared the numerous MegaCorps. If all their influence had to do with money the antis wouldn't pay any attention to them.