Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Biden: "Women Can't Handle AR's"

In a statement sure to surprise the tens of thousands of female servicemembers in the US military, Biden has declared that the AR-15 (and subsequently M-16's and M-4's) are just too much for those little ladies to handle and they should all instead be using dbl barreled shotguns to shoot up in the air. 

This moron is the most sure life-insurance policy that Obama has.  Just how dumb can one person be? and how dumb are the people that listen to him?

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Anonymous said...

We are really in trouble. What kind of idiots voted for this guy.

Weer'd Beard said...

Boy they hate women!

Also love the avocation of a direct violation of rule 4!

Braden Lynch said...

The VPOTUS speaks volumes about those who voted for the current President. To vote for that ticket shows that you do not give a damn about the country if you would put such a fool a heart's beat away from the office.

Even if you think the POTUS is your savior, how could you throw the lever for him, when his running mate is the court jester?

Unknown said...

So, let me get this straight: Joe B. has just advertised to the world that he only owns double-barreled shotguns and that he's advised his wife to empty the only weapon she has for her defense into the air if she hears someone breaking into the house. Is he trying to get her killed?

Oh, wait. That's right. The house in question; in a "secluded, wooded area" is surrounded by an 8 man team of Secret Service Agents!

Isn't everyone's?

Anonymous said...

My three daughters argue over who gets to shoot the AR next. Can our VP be a bigger tool?


Anonymous said...

Ditto my daughters.
They both shoot NRA high power and have had their personal AR15s since age 10.
When I take them with their friends to the rifle range, they begin yawning after about 20 minutes with 22s, but get really enthusiastic when I break out the ARs.
My daughters will not be firing into the air, but will engage targets with their AR15s from point blank range to 300 yards with high hit probability, and out to 600 yards with reasonable hit probability. I did not raise fools or victims.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vice President for the degrading comment.

I'm wondering what plans he has to promote education about equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity to male dominated jobs.