Sunday, November 4, 2012

NG(V)AC Forgot to Pay Their Bill

Weer'd noted to me this morning that Elliot Fineman of the NG(V)AC had put up a new post but when he checked the site to read it, this is what came up:

 You can read part of the screed on their FB page.
Like Alzheimers sufferers, gun owners are unable to respond logically. Gun Fact # 5: in our series pointed out that non-gun owners are taxed $5 billion per year to cover the cost of U.S. gun homicides. Logically this makes no sense—not one cent of gun violence costs
The stupidity of this statement is just to extreme to be believed. This is a guy who for months insisted that Starbucks was collapsing due to his 'boycott' even though SB had seen an INCREASE in sales due to the 'Buycott' in response.  The guy who believes that going 5 miles over the speed limit is morally equivalent to mass murder.  That guns can be fired using a cellphone.  That if only criminals had guns, there would be little to no crime.

I don't think it's 'Gun Owners' that are suffering Alzheimer's en masse.  Maybe I should send him his check back to help pay for his care.

UPDATE: Site is back up. Look like Eliot scrounged in his couch for pennies. 

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

That's Ladd in a few years. Perhaps very few.

Robert Fowler said...

A few years? Hell, I was thinking next week.

RevGreg said...

They may have more problems than just not paying their bills. While I can get to the page you posted the screenshot of above using my phone, I use a different DNS service on my laptop and they are currently blocking the site as having run a potential phishing scheme!

Phishing Notice Screenshot