Monday, October 8, 2012

Kathleen Willis Is an Idiot and a Liar

The Democratic Party of Illinois (headed by Chicago based 'leadership') is on an all out push to promote gun control among their candidates. The are funding multiple mailings calling for 'Assault Weapon' bans and claiming their (R) opponents want to arm criminals.

Kathleen Willins, the D candidate for Il state rep-77 is one of the candidates they're supporting.

Saviano was endorsed by the ISRA in 2010.  And that alleged bill against 'background checks'?  It was a bill that failed bipartisanly to ban private sales in the state, neglecting the fact that the FOID card is already proof of a background check. Of course the 'assault weapon' lie has to be thrown in to scare people even more.

So she's an idiot for allowing this kind of literature to go out in her name and she's a liar for the very claims she allows. It's funny though that the spend all this money on these mailings but don't have a mention of it on her campaign website.

Photo and H/T courtesy GSL.

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