Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicago Sun Times Gets It's Gun Ban On

It used to be the Tribune that called for the abolition of the 2nd Amend but the Sun Times is now the one wearing that mantle. In the wake of Cook Cnty declaring that law abiding firearm owners should be taxed for the actions of criminals, the ST puts out multiple op eds supporting it and other laws that will in no way effect criminals. All the while blaming firearm owners, shop owners and even victims of crime w/o nary a mention of where the blame actually belongs.

First is their support of the 'reasonable' measure to tax firearm owners because of all the victims of gang shootings and because the county is running out of ways to cover up their disastrous handling of the budget. We've covered that here. What's funny is their use of Elliot Fineman of the NG(V)AC as their go to guy.

Then comes their attempt to punish victims of crime because gang members steal guns and use their family members as patsy's to get others. Note their stats.  Out of 93 confiscated guns, they were able to trace 9 of them w/ a purchase of 3 years or less. Less than 10%. So they want to pass a law putting the onus of criminal activity onto firearm owners statewide.  Does that make any sense to you?

So do what you should. If you have a subscription to the Sun Times, cancel it and write them a letter why. Their readership is declining and we can make it decline even more.

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