Monday, October 22, 2012

Geeky Goodness

In my quest to find old school D&D modules, I came across a few more.  A2 'Secret of the Slaver's Stockade and THE Gary Gygax module S1 "Tomb of Horrors".
Now I need to find the rest of the 'A' series since they're connected.

And my buddy has painted up some more of my mini's. A 'Luftpanzer' Battalion in German Tropical Fleck pattern and an OGRE Mk III in WWII Afrika Corps colors for OGRE mini's:

And more of the 'Wights' from my old Warhammer collection:


I'll be at the flea market this weekend so no gaming but next weekend I'm planning on picking these up plus whatever else of mine he gets done.

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GreyLocke said...

Are those Hammer's Blowers and Combat cars I see?

Thirdpower said...

They're pretty similar but they're actually 'GEV's' (Ground Effect Vehicles) from SJ Games OGRE line.

JTwig said...

Tomb of Horrors is a classic. I have it in the original you posted, and in 3rd edition.