Thursday, October 4, 2012

ICHV Reaching Out For "Grassroots"...

By charging $250 a head for their award dinner dedicated to anti-gun extraordinaire Gov. Pat Quinn.  Got more cash burning a hole in your pocket?  Shell out $3k, $5k or $7.5K and you get a bunch of tickets and a private reception w/ the Gov. A few weeks ago they hosted a $100/head+ 'comedy' night at the Second City club.

So who is this Joyce Foundation Puppet group gearing their 'Annual Awards Luncheon' and other recent events towards?  Unlike the NRA and SAF who provide free or, at the very least, much less expensive dinners/ceremonies, the ICHV is looking for cash cows to suckle off of since they have little to no public support outside of Chicago politicians. Only in their dreamworld could they even hope to get 7000+ people to show up to a rally like the exclusively grassroots Illinois State Rifle Assoc. manages every year.

W/ this money, not only are they going to keep the lights on and their salaries paid, but they're also going to pay lobbyists in Springfield and help shuttle students in from Chicago's failing schools to push for more bans, restrictions and fees which have done so much to curb violence in Chicago.

So what are you going to do?  Quinn is fully hands on involved in their mutual masturbation fest so don't count on him to sign any laws in our favor. Sign someone up for your preferred organization. Renew yourself or sign up for a new one. Take someone out target shooting/hunting. Write letters to your Federal/State/Local critters letting them know where your vote stands. Buy some ammo or a new gun. Get off your @ss and do something. Don't be like these guys. Show these turds in their Joyce funded high-rise Chicago offices that $25 ea from 10,000+ people is exponentially more effective than $250ea from 100. 

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Old NFO said...

Pathetic... just pathetic...