Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Those Scary Airsoft Guns

Why do gun control advocates think they're capable of creating effective legislation when they can't/won't even tell the difference between a toy and a real firearm?

A few years ago we had a politician using a big, scary looking BB gun in one of her campaign ads, deliberately hiding the CO2 cartridge.

Currently we have an advocate that posted a photo of a scary looking gun on the NG(V)AC's FB page:
Now take a look. That cute little sticker on the side?  Airsoft gun.

Yep. He needed a photo of a scary looking gun and didn't know anything about it. Just like how California went through a gun catalog to write their first Assault Weapon ban.

And they expect to be taken seriously?

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TS said...

For one, the Cuban cigar ban is for sanction reasons- not because of what it is. Do they find it “disturbing” that the “Dominican Cigar Loophole” exists? And, GHWB’s “assault weapon” import ban still exists- so you can’t buy “assault weapons” from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, or any other country in the world except for the USA.

Sigivald said...

Do they find it “disturbing” that the “Dominican Cigar Loophole” exists?

You, TS, win an internets.