Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IL Gun Bills Moving

Two bills of note today, SB0681 and SB3625.

SB0681 is a 'Good' bill. Currently I can buy ammo via mailorder and have it shipped. But ONLY from out of state vendors. No. I'm not kidding. This bill fixes that. According to IL-GUNLOBBY, It passed the Senate Revenue Committee and is heading towards the floor.

SB3625 is Rahm's Handgun Registration Bill which we talked about here. The Sponsor, Munoz, put it under a shell bill as an 'Amendment' w/ a lowered fee and renewal than was originally discussed. It, like it's sponsor, is still a POS. Not only does it make it a felony to possess or transport an unregistered handgun, it criminalizes victims of crime through a 'Lost or Stolen Reporting' mandate.

Munoz is another one of those anti-gun ignoramuses that puts his name on whatever 'gun control' bill his Chicago bosses hand him w/o knowing (or caring) anything on the subject. He regularly throws out 'Assault Weapon Bans' including the one from 2003 that would have banned all shotguns and most blackpowder firearms (which Obama also voted for). Being an Army veteran, that makes him either a complete idiot and/or a liar. Apparently this is what a Harvard education gets you nowadays.

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