Thursday, February 2, 2012


Weer'd takes a look at how anti-gun activists Joan Peterson and Abby Spangler prefer to have women die of breast cancer than own a firearm. You can also throw Ladd Everitt of the CSGV into that batch as well.

Classy bunch aren't they?

We can also take a look at Lori O'neill, Vice-Chairman of the NCGAV, (who also opposes breast cancer research if funded by firearms, even one's wrongly identified) again. On her FB page, she makes this comment regarding abortion:
It's pretty simple--you're either pro-choice or no-choice. I choose to trust women to make decisions about their health and lives without elected officials pressuring us to abandon each other so they can be re-elected by extremists who distrust women.
But when it comes to firearms, she's 'no choice'. When it comes to firearms, she DOESN'T trust women to make decisions about their health and lives w/o elected officials pressuring them to abandon eachother so they can be re-elected by anti-gun extremists (like her) who distrust women.

To be part of their ilk, you have to make the choices THEY choose for you and none other, in this case being anti-gun. Otherwise they don't give a cr@p what happens to you.

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John said...

If I didn't have my own, beloved P22 self destruct on me a few months ago, I'd be inclined to buy a new pink one myself. But where's this "pink glock" that they reference? You know, Glocks are definitely more reliable than Walthers and I'd carry that sucker proudly.