Monday, January 30, 2012

THAT Explains It....

Wondering what has happened to the professionalism once present in the Brady Campaign? Why they explain it themselves:
"You can't run an important agency or any agency with just an acting head," he said. "It makes it hard to launch special projects and crime-fighting initiatives and get support from agents to carry them out. I'm a former mayor, and if we'd had an acting police chief, things would have spiraled out of control." -Paul Helmke. LinkFormer President of the Brady Campaign
Former ATF directors/agents refer to an agency w/ an acting director as 'leaderless' and its 'ability...significantly curtailed..'
"Fast and Furious is what happens when you don't have a strong director," (Dennis Henigan) said.
Dennis Henigan is the ACTING director of the Brady Campaign. This is the result.

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