Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Case of Clinical Denial

'Gunsensus' tweeted this:

Which explains why the NGAC resorted to hiding their dismal support numbers and Starbucks has shown absolutely no interest in changing their policy nor any negative effect on their stock (just like last time).

Here's a hint Lori, the 'boycott' is not 'gaining momentum', it's dead and has been from the start (just like last time). On the other hand, your boss paid for my Starbucks and some evil assault ammo. We have evidence, facts and (verifiable) numbers behind us. You have dick jokes.

Get some professional help. You need it.

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Pyrotek85 said...

Momentum? LOL

Originally I thought they had just started their boycott, but apparently it had been ongoing since 2010, and Starbucks hasn't exactly suffered for it.

Sigivald said...

Hey, she did say "IF" it gains momentum, which is a properly formed hypothetical.

The real denial there is the "you're the minority" part.