Friday, February 24, 2012

Useful Victims

It must be very convenient to have a pool of people you can throw out for any anti-gun nonsense under the sun:

The VT shooter obtained his firearms under the 'one gun a month' limitation following all waiting periods so why are the Brady's trotting out the 'VA Tech Families'? Because they're useful w/ their status as 'victims'. They're stooges being used for (and using) their victim-hood to push an anti-gun political agenda w/ no connection to the original shooting itself.

So now that they are shills attempting to restrict others' rights and property, why should I show them any respect whatsoever?

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Weer'd Beard said...

mindless blood dancing!

I lose all respect for a person's loss the moment they play the "Victim" card totally out of context.

See also Joan Peterson shedding tears for her sister while talking about an "Assault Weapon Ban" or background checks.

What a waste, and such shameful behavior!

AztecRed said...

The relationship between the Brady Camp and the VTech victims reminds me of the relationship between a pimp and prostitute. In fact, pimps do exactly what the Brady Camp does: They find someone who is vulnerable, has been through some tragedy, and they shamelessly exploit them.

Weer'd Beard said...

Aztec, was having a conversation with a 3rd-hand person who knew a retired pimp.

According to his stories the Pimp keeps everything in control by convincing the girls that he loves them.

If they think he's in love with them, they'll do whatever they can to please him. Also they'll never put together that he both takes half their money...and pays their rent and buy them presents.

Duh, its their money, but they don't see it that way...because he cares for them...

Robert Fowler said...

Years ago I was severely beaten and left on the side of the road. In all of the years since, I have never used that for any purpose. Playing victim is getting down and dirty. Kind of like Goddard being a "professional" victim. Nice work if you can get it. I have no respect for these ghouls dancing in the blood of victims.

dustydog said...

You have my permission to cite "Descendents of slaves freed by President Lincoln" in support of any civil right, including the right to keep and bear arms. For example,

"Descendents of freed slaves urged Governor McDonnel to immediately repeal the one-gun-a-month law and all other Jim Crow laws still being enforced."