Saturday, December 3, 2011

A B!tchslap Heard 'Round DC

While the Brady Campaign interns are busy endorsing violence, criminal activity and ignorance, their acting President, Dennis Henigan, is busy getting ridiculed by Congresscritters.

Dennis is insistent that a debate w/ Rep. Joe Walsh be held in DC so it can be "easily accessible to his colleagues in the House and Senate and their staffs, as well as the national press corps."

Well nevermind the fact that the Brady's haven't had good luck w/ the press corps lately, here is Joe's response:
The last time I checked I represent the folks of the Illinois 8th Congressional District, not Congressional staff, Washington lobbyists or the national press corps. I was sent here to Washington to fight for my constituents and their rights and interests. Why should I care what Washington insiders have to say?...

..I find your obsession with the thoughts and opinions of Washington insiders disturbing....

...So, once again, I challenge you to debate the Second Amendment in my district in front of real Americans in the heartland, not Washington D.C. insiders. Unless, of course, you have no interest in hearing what real Americans have to say.
Well we all know that the BC has no interest in what Americans have to say unless they're supporting more gun restrictions but maybe Dennis is concerned about having to pay for air fare and hotels.

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Robert Fowler said...

Since the BC had to start selling their e-mail lists to raise money, it might be financial. Of course facing people that believe in the 2A probably has a lot to do with it. It's easy to be the big brave gun-hater in like company.

alcade said...

You know... you could always offer Dennis to crash at your place...

Just an idea.

Chas said...

Henigan is still acting president? He hasn't found a new hand puppet yet? Must be getting slow in his old age.

Braden Lynch said...

I read his Joe Walsh's full response from the link and it is righteous.

I suspect that Dennis Henigan will fold like a cheap lawn chair and so reject having it in Illinois. Being mocked by an angry crowd would ruin his day.

Archer said...

Braden is right: the response was EPIC.

Man, that's gotta sting!

molonlabe said...

Aw.....How cute!

Now Henigan has a mark to match the one left on Helmke's face by Starbucks!

Wonder if he'll apply more Joyce 'foundation' to try to cover the marks?