Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anatomy of a Gun Hater

It's often mentioned that gun control advocates often have some sort of emotional issue that they project onto firearms and firearm owners whether it be their own anger issues or some sort of trauma that they blame others for instead of dealing w/ it in a healthy, productive way. One example of this is Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign/Joyce Foundation.

Another example has just been revealed on DU w/ a long term, fanatical gun hater by the name of Jpak:
Someone shot my 2 cats in my front yard - in town - when I lived in Texas

same douchebag "gun hero" mentality
In his mind, all firearm owners and especially advocates could be the ones that allegedly shot his cats and they should all be held accountable for it no matter the circumstances. He uses his trauma as a shield against any form of evidence or facts to the contrary, interpreting it as a personal attack against him, the 'victim', making him even more of a 'True Believer' as only an evil person would attack a 'victim'.

This is the kind of mindset that is increasing making up the (albeit shrinking) ranks of gun control advocacy. How can one possibly reason w/ people like this?

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