Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brady Campaign Priorities

They care about the instruments used but not the perpetrators.

Now they link to a wiki page. Let's take a look at some other elements that they ignore:


As of December 2, six individuals have been arrested and face charges of providing assistance to Clemmons before and after the shooting.[29] One of those six – who was already wanted in connection with a bank robbery in Arkansas – served time with Clemmons in an Arkansas prison and is believed to have helped Clemmons escape the scene of the shooting.[30] The other five are accused of providing assistance to Clemmons such as transporting him to several locations, providing him with money and cell phones, making arrangements for him to flee the state, and treating his gunshot wound sustained in the Parkland shooting, all with full knowledge of the crime he had committed.[29][30] In June 2010 Clemmons' sister was sentenced to five years imprisonment for acting as a getaway driver after the shooting. Later in December, three of four other suspects were convicted. Trials of the other defendants are pending.[31]

So at least half a dozen friends and family members helped him w/ full knowledge of his crime. Let's take a look at the wiki page for convicted felon Clemmons:

Clemmons told several people he was angry about his Pierce County legal problems and that he planned to use a gun to murder police officers and others, including school children. He showed a gun to the people in the room and told them he had two others in his car and home. Clemmons said he planned to activate an alarm by removing a court-ordered ankle monitor, then he would shoot the police officers who responded to his house.
On November 28, Clemmons showed two handguns to friends Eddie and Douglas Davis and told them he planned to shoot police officers with them; the exchange was witnessed by Clemmons' half-brother Rickey Hinton, with whom he shared a house
So numerous friends and family members KNEW he had guns, KNEW he was planning on killing police and did NOTHING. And with full knowledge later HELPED him evade the police.

But the only thing the Brady's care about is where he got the guns. As if any of the things they so desire would have stopped this criminally insane felon, convicted on counts ranging from assault to child molestation (and incidentally repeatedly let go by the 'Justice System') would have stopped him.

That is the mentality of a child, not an adult.

But let's throw them a bone. Google is your friend:
in June 2005. The purchaser reported the gun stolen in March 2006, after his car was broken into at a downtown Seattle parking garage at Second Avenue and James Street. The gun remained missing until Clemmons turned up with it at the coffee shop.
The Smith & Wesson revolver had been unaccounted for since the 1980s. It was shipped in 1981 to the now-closed Police Arms and Citizen Supply in Lakewood, Colo., but from that point, federal authorities could turn up no records showing when the gun had been sold or to whom.
So this lifelong criminal got it through criminal means which no 'loophole' or 'mandatory reporting' laws would have stopped.

Shock. But the Brady's still won't care about reality. Only blaming the gun.

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Hans said...

One wonders about the gun stolen out of the car. Might it never have been there but for a gun free zone? Hmmm...

Weer'd Beard said...

Also note that this prick would have still been in prison at the time of those crimes if then Governor Mike Huckabee hadn't freed him on grounds that Clemmons had "Found Jesus".

Guns are tools, the violent monsters left to roam our streets are the weapons.

Robert Fowler said...

They keep blaming inanimate objects. They still haven't figured out that they are losing. What a bunch of idiot pisswits.