Wednesday, November 23, 2011

@VPCinfo Doesn't Understand Percentages

The VPC recently tweeted this:

What percentage is this $276K of the NRA's total donations each year?

Then there's Josh Sugarmann's near exclusive income from the Joyce Foundation.

Who's the mouthpiece/puppet again?

Let's look at it another way. The Anti's were up in arms the other day over a report that Wayne Lapierre makes over $1m annually. The NRA has a membership of about 4m. That's .25/member/yr not even figuring in donations from the 'industry'. That's 1% of your annual dues. Again, we're not even accounting for donations and other income.

Were we to put Josh in the same situation, he would make $0.00/year since the VPC has NO membership. If we were to be generous and he got 1% of the total income of the VPC/yr, he would make about $4k on average. But instead, he pockets about $140K/yr, between him and Rand, nearly 1/3rd of the VPC's operating budget.

What a racket.

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LPF said...

And looking at it from the other direction: Ruger is a (nearly) $600 Million company.

Stew said...

Percentages? These guys don't understand pocket change.

Dannytheman said...

Why do they so hate the fact that industries are donating to the cause. I would say they are free to do the same. They could get revenue from an industry that doesn't make guns. How Jo Ann Fabrics? Of course Jo Ann Fabrics would have to realize the loss of over 4 million members, up to 13 million who think their members of the NRA!

The last three men I had sign back up, were all convinced they were members, right up until I proved they were not.

They have lost the battles, now the war. We are beating them so badly, we do not have accept any surrender, it wouldn't be civil. Their mindset is off kilter! They don't even know it's over.

Robert Fowler said...

Where can I get a gig that I get most of the budget for my salary?

Sigivald said...

Interesting thought came up (and I'm way too lazy to do much research on it directly - which reminds me:

Dear NRA - STOP USING FLASH. Thanks, Everyone On The Internet.).

NRA sells life memberships. The sane way I'd handle that, if I was them, was investing the proceeds in an endowment to provide Continuing Income.

Does the NRA have an endowment like that? If so, how big is it?

If it does, and it's of any substantial size, that further reduces the "relative value" of any individual donation.

(I wouldn't want the endowment to get Too Big, on the grounds that membership-independent organizations can get un-moored, but a goodly sized one isn't bad.)