Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in Chi-town

Man Toting Loaded Assault Rifle Walks into Police Station, Declares Martial Law
Chicago - A man is in custody Thanksgiving morning after walking into a West Side police station with a fully-loaded rifle and declaring martial law.

The man entered the Harrison District police station at 3151 W. Harrison St. about 4 a.m. with a fully-loaded AR-15 assault rifle and 30-round magazine, police said. The man said he was declaring martial law, but did not point the gun at anybody or fire any shots.
Carrying a rifle in the city - Illegal
AR-15 in Cook County/Chicago - Illegal
30 rnd Magazine in Chicago - Illegal
Chicago/Illinois - Long gun registration/firearm licensing

Officer Shot in Hand During Chase, Exchange of Gunfire

Chicago - A police officer was shot in the hand, and a suspect was wounded, during a shootout and chase early Thursday on the South Side.
Running from police - Illegal
Loaded gun in vehicle in IL - Illegal
Attempted murder of police officer - Illegal
Chicago/Illinois - Stringent handgun registration/firearm licensing

One more law would have made them think twice. Right?

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1 comment:

Lumpy said...

Well you know they are going to demand more laws..... I have to say the police are slipping , that guy should be worm feed right now. I guess we can blame the mayors cameras for costing the tax payers the now added expense of a trial and incarceration. I wonder if the guy will get released early due to budget issues?