Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anti-Gun Lobby AstroTurf Update

The Joyce Foundation Puppet New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership isn't content to run just one astroturf blog. Or even two. But THREE blogs* trying to smear firearm owners.

This is outside of their official blog and homepage which haven't been updated in over a year.

Info updated on Anti-Gun Primer page.

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*OhhShoot, Armed Road Rage, Law Abiding Citizen?


Chas said...

The sad panda of gun control is remarkably unappealing. How can they get anyone to read that miserable, despondent crap on a regular basis?

Linoge said...

When gun control has to pay people to maintain three separate weblogs, and none of them are actually updated, then it really is a dead cause.

What we are seeing now is scant more than an entertaining combination of inertia and death throes...