Saturday, July 23, 2011

Showing Bias

It's always entertaining when people who are trying to sound rational show their inherent PSH and bigotry towards anything firearms and/or the NRA (two separate entities even if Anti's don't like to accept that). Awhile back even the head of FactCheck played into this w/ some NRA hate while not actually checking the facts.

An article titled "Group questions NRA grant" has this quote:
It is a particular special interest group that has a special interest not in public safety but for arming people,"
So right there she shows that she's not interested in 'good government' but in attacking a group she doesn't like. There is nothing the NRA could do that she would accept as positive.

And another article, "Well-intentioned small step to limit guns gets no help", talks about the recent attempt by the BATFE to enact multiple long gun reporting. No mention of 'Fast and Furious' or the fact they do not have the legal authority to do so. No and the author shows his irrational bias plainly w/ this:
That's old but sorry news for all of us who believe our public safety requires judicious gun-control reforms, especially surrounding the availability of military-style assault weapons that have no legitimate hobby or hunting use.
'Judicious' like DC or Chicago. And 'no legitimate hobby or hunting use' is his preconceived opinion w/ no bearing in fact or reality. Just like above, no actual evidence of 'hobby or hunting use' will convince him because he's biased and he needs to keep his mind shut for his own sense of self worth.

This is what we're up against. Steel traps rusted shut.

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Anonymous said...

"That's old but sorry news for all of us who believe our public safety requires judicious gun-control reforms..."

Lots of kids believe in the Tooth Fairy - doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that preservation of individual rights, like the Second Amendment, is what ensures public safety.

I believe individuals who frame their values from the perspective of the public good adhere to a completely different philisophical orientation than the Founder of this Country.

I find a value system denying individual rights repugnant.

AuricTech said...

I agree that judicious gun-control reforms will, in the long run, increase public safety. Constitutional carry, as we have here in Arizona, is a start at reforming gun control to increase safety.

WV: slimi, as in "I am adamantly opposed to the slimi way the Obama administration is trying to implement its gun control agenda by executive fiat, in direct contravention of Federal law."