Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seeing What Sticks

AZ shooter Loughner was found unfit to stand trial. So why is NY Rep Louise Slaughter talking about the 'No Fly' List?

Oh right. Because she knows Loughner never went through the mental health system or convicted of several indictments for drug possession. Either of which would have made him a prohibited person so she's just throwing sh!t up against the wall to see what sticks.

So when she decries that the 'gun lobby' isn't having an 'open and honest' conversation, look at what she's NOT saying when she's pushing her pet legislation.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I'd be interested to see his arrest record. I wonder how much touchy-feely "Victim Of Society" bleeding heart liberalism might have kept an unfit man OFF the prohibited person list.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so Ms. Elite politician wants to institute a purely arbitrarily based system of allowing only select individuals to own guns, completely evading all due process concerns.

The problem with her argument is there are many factors besides mental illness that causes individuals like Mr. Loughner to commit such atrocities.

While mental illness may play a role, no one knows the exact combination of factors causing certain individuals to commit such crimes.

This is obvious because many individuals displaying the same symptoms as Mr. Loughner will not engage in such murderous acts. It is impossible to predict which specific individuals will behave like Mr. Loughner. This is equally true of otherwise "sane" individuals.

Arguments like Ms. Slaugher's are little more than attempts to further a political agenda of eventually disarming the "People". This is obvious because there is no way to limit the extent to which the Second Amendment, or any other Right, can be circumvented and/or eviscerated with such reasoning.

Politicians such as Ms. Slaughter and the groups/individuals expounding these arguments, including Obama and his ilk, are a threat to freedom and liberty.

The underlying purpose of the Second Amenement is to ensure the security of a free State and to prevent tyranny.

Gun control advocates care nothing about the victims such as those in Arizona. Otherwise they would not so enthusiastically support disarming everyone of them.

They talk out of both sides of their faces and worry only about government power to control the "People".

None of these groups have a coherent strategy. First it is large capacity magazines. Now it it the mentally ill. Are the "mentally-ill" the next group to have their civil rights usurped. Ms. Slaughter and her breed are indeed victims' advocates. Mentally-ill, like the phrase assualt rifle, is a generic term. Such terms can mean anything they want them to mean. Anyone and any weapon can be included in it.

People like Ms. Slaughter scare me far worse than Mr. Loughner.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "The 'No Buy List" for guns is easy. We just gather up every list of registered Republican voters in the country, put them all together, and then call it the 'No Buy List'. After all, every good Marxist knows that anyone who votes Republican is insane. It's just common communist sense!"

Chas said...

The federal government should put NY Rep Louise Slaughter on a terrorist "No Legislate List", because America doesn't need those who would abuse our freedom to be making our laws. She functions as a domestic terrorist; the government should treat as such. Ship her arrogance to Gitmo!