Friday, May 27, 2011


I ordered 3 “Kalashnikitty” T-shirts last year and wore mine today at work. One of my extended work group peers saw it and asked me if I was a gun owner.

I said “Oh yes, I’m actually what some would call a gun nut extremist.”

We then conversed for the next 45 minutes(while seated) about AR platforms, Top shot, Bob Munden, ammo prices, CCW, Nossler vs. Hornaday, chain guns, ballistic coefficients, bullet drop, varmint guns, the Civil War, the 1968 GCA, the 1934 NFA, suppressors, and reloading recipes. After we both determined that we should probably “get back to work,” we spent another 15 minutes talking guns while standing.

I barely know the guy, and he barely knows me. We work in adjacent labs but that’s about it.

At the time, I was just happy to be paid for talking firearms at work when I should have been…uh…working.

But on the drive home, I realized that we had talked about guns for a full hour while never mentioning the NRA, the Brady Bunch, the CSGV, MAIG, VPC or anything even remotely related to any of that crap or whatever and that.

Face it.

We engage the crusty douche-nozzles for entertainment purposes. Yeah ,we gotta hold a torch to SCOTUS and BATFE nominees, but little shit like HuffPo and Twitter are explored for a cheap laugh.

We walk the halls of congress while they try to get their twitter feed re-instated.

We fight everywhere; at every turn, at every opportunity.

They throw the golden ring they think they have at every wall they encounter in the hopes that we will not counter attack with the truth.

As long as we are who we are, they CAN NOT win.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

University of Toledo professor Brian Anse Patrick calls it a "horizontal interpretive community." By making personal contact, we reinforce our beliefs of ourselves as decent members of the community in the face of angry media coverage. We are able to see each other as we are rarther that the absurd media characterizations of us. Since we know the truth, we become innoculated against the disease that they are spreading. Like in immunization model, we don't need 100%, we just need enough immune people to prevent the rapid transmission to large numbers of people. Of course this means I just called you and your new friend antibodies, but I suspect that you'll be ok with that.

Weer'd Beard said...

Had the new guy in the office flag me down at the coffee machine a few weeks after he started and said:

"A little bird told me you were a bit of a gun nut".

We talk shop FREQUENTLY.

I'm also headed into the office now and I'm dropping this month's American Rifleman on his desk because of the article on loading the .22-.250 which is a favorite of his.

When we talk politics sometimes come up, but most of it is about FUN!

Let me tell you, shooting a 1911 or a Remington 700 is a WHOLE lot more fun than ringing a bell.

They CAN NOT win!

Dannytheman said...

Funny how this can work, huh? My truck, emblazoned with 3 NRA medallions, attracted a couple guys who I had never met to walk up to my office and introduce themselves. Now, we all, 7 of us, go out to lunch or order pizza in once a month and talk guns and gun issues. I also give out a list of pertinent blog and web sites.
Of those 7, only 2 were NRA members, but now we have the complete 7. (And 4 FOAC members for here in PA)
And they found me. I love that!

kaveman said...

"Of those 7, only 2 were NRA members, but now we have the complete 7."

Good on ya, mate.

The trick is to just be who we are. Not everyone will use their disposable income to support an organization, but those of us who do can and will bring others into the fold.

My rear window is shedding the old stickers due to wear and tear, and I keep replacing them.

Personally, I wish we could see the day that the NRA goes bankrupt because they are no longer needed.

But, that day is not today.

Thomas said...

I am taking to calling myself a Gundamentalist..... it is from a gun banning blog that shall go unnamed.