Friday, March 4, 2011

Silent but deadly, non-fart edition

GUN SHOW WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a rather large end-of-year bonus at work, considering the economy and the penny pinching disease, and spent some of it investing in silver. Still have a large chunk of disposable income for buying more shooty fun.

Nice lady at work told me the sandwich boards were out advertising the gun show this weekend so I spent a good deal of time today thinking about what to look for tomorrow.

I’ve pretty much got it boiled down to bolt-actions, lever actions, semi-autos, full-autos, wheel guns and small bore cannons. What??? Look in the mirror before you criticize me you big fat booger-eater!

In all honesty, I may just break down and start shopping for a suppressed option in any caliber I shoot. Getting an NFA item is a rite of passage for gunnies and I have that option available to me. There’s a custom maker at every ARPC show I go to so I might just take the plunge and thumb my nose at the politicos.

I call it a win-win scenario.

Can’t say for sure till I sign on the dotted line, but I can’t help but feel that if I don’t exercise my Rights to the fullest extent as they exist today, I may find myself fighting for a Right I once had and then lost due to complacency.

I hope ya’ll can Keep and Bear with me.

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Thomas said...

Man I can't wait till Illinois gets CCW so I can gets me some of that bonus money.....

Anonymous said...

Everybody should have something that chambers the .50BMG round - jist sayin'...