Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gun Control Agenda

The Question:
What number of firearm murders or crimes would be low enough for you to say "We don't need another law"?
The Answer: "O"

Now that's an O, not a 0 but we all know what Japete/Joan Peterson means.

The number of firearm related murders in the US has dropped by 10% over the last 5 years w/o any major new 'gun control' laws being enacted and progressive firearm laws continuing to spread across the nation.

Even in countries like China and Japan where effectively all guns are banned, there are firearm murders and deaths.

But even those laws aren't good enough for gun control advocates. They will want MORE.

So remember that when they say they only want 'reasonable', 'common-sense' laws this is their 'goal'. And when those laws don't work, what's next? And next? And after that?

Where do they finally end since the admitted goal is unachievable?

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Ace said...

Ah yes. Part of the Gun Control Agenda is to bring us into Happy Singing-Dancing Unicorn Land, where there is no crime, no war, everybody's happy, and we all sing, dance, poop rainbows and pee sparkles.

Anonymous said...

These people need to look at the UK. The UK has very strict anti-gun laws. But when I was in London in May, I had a look at the police memorial near Horse Guards. They have a book of honor in it and one page is always open. It lists the officers who have died on duty. And on the page that was open when I visited I would say roughly 1/3 of the cops on it had been shot to death.

Today, according to some statistics, the UK is the country with most violent crime in the entire world.

As for Japan, well, it's possible to get a gun. But the organized crime, in this case the yakuza, don't care about laws. They can get guns all the time, they just smuggle them into the country. Luckily the yakuza usually keeps its turf wars inside the family and so they only kill each other. Usually. Some of the stuff I've heard from Fukuoka is that yakuza, once, battled each other with real AK47s. Real, automatic AKs. How'd they get them? Smuggled them in, of course.

A few years ago a guy went on a killing spree in Akihabara, Tokyo, with a knife. He killed at least 9 people and wounded several more. After it, some people said "But if he had used a gun, he would have killed more."

This "argument" doesn't stand longer than a second. There were 2 cops present, who didn't know what was going on. A knife is silent. They only realized what was going on, and engaged the attacker, when they noticed the knife. If he had used a gun, they could have engaged him earlier. Maybe saving lives.

And my only comment to the "gun argument" was: "Tell that to the families of the killer's victims."

The Japanese have decreasing crime rates, that is a fact. But that simply comes from the rights the police has and from the really hard punch the law can deal out over there.