Monday, September 27, 2010

Like I Said...

My first post on this particular BradyBot..
She'll ignore any answer she doesn't like and will play word games w/ any others she thinks she can get away with. After we get upset enough w/ this round that we call her out on it, she'll play the 'wounded maiden' routine, call us a bunch of typical NRA meanies and then claim that she was only looking for 'thoughtful discussion' to 'solve the problem of gun crime'.
There has been a lot of bluster, one-upsmanship, cynicism, diminution of my opinions as well as accusations. I have been asked the same questions over and over again and answers have been demanded ( or what?) My facts from widely recognized credible sources, such as the CDC or peer-reviewed articles have been attacked. We can't seem to get past the idea that guns don't kill people. It's those people who kill people...

This exercise, possibly in futility, has opened my eyes to the zealousness of a group of people who seem blinded by their love of guns and so fearful that their beloved guns will be taken from them that they can't wrap their heads around any idea to the contrary.
And finishing off w/:
I believe that if we compare "apples to apples" on many of the issues raised here, we could actually come to some more agreements.
Again, No we can't. The BC et all continue to manipulate statistics and outright lie in order to make me out to be a criminal. The only 'apples' I see from your side are horse apples and no matter how much caramel you put on them, they're still nothing more than sh!t.

Now that she's admitted she really doesn't want anything other than for us to blindly agree w/ her, less people will visit her and there will be less and less posts from us meanies.

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